a minor opus - glass wine glasses

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a minor opus  -  glass wine glasses
On the road, the building looks a bit like the prosperity of the ancient Roman architect-designed space fortress, caladiga, Cecil B. de Mille.
The lower half of the stove-
The light-adding structure is hidden underground and grass is planted on the hillside.
White Stone in the courtyard, smooth and rough, impressive.
Hewn, almost Shakespeare.
The feeling of the amphitheater.
This is the work one, which is both a wine with a reputation far greater than the liquid in the bottle, and a structure to pay tribute to the energetic duo who created the myth before they created the wine.
Vision of the late Baron Rothschild at Morton Castle-
Bordeaux One is a red wine of Bordeaux's Rothschild and Napa Valley's Robert Mondavi, which combines cabernet sauvignon and other Bordeaux red grapes.
It costs $75 per bottle and is occasionally discounted, so people, not just companies, can afford it.
One of the questions I was most asked was, "Is it worth the Opus one ? "?
"* No matter what anyone thinks about wine or its price, one thing is clear: this is the most successful wine concept in California's history.
Maybe the world.
One element in particular makes this a reality: in 20,000-
Opus has strange cases every year, more than half of which are sold by the glass of the restaurant.
This last fact alone has shocked and envied the Opus One ---and copied--success story.
Almost half of the wine production is sold in restaurants, which is rare;
What's more rare is that a glass of wine sells so much in a restaurant.
Consider: the Opus One is really a wine that will only be hidden and served after it has enough age.
However, almost all the works provided by glass are in the current year and are currently 1991.
There is no bottle age here.
Young, fresh, Daning.
Another shocking statistic about the success of Opus One at the restaurant is the suggested three prices
$12 an ounce.
At this price, you will probably pay $100 per bottle.
But people seem eager to pay for it.
A big part of the reason they don't mind this expenditure is the prosperity of the work.
Opus is sold not only as wine, but also as an experience, and the show by Stuart Harrison, marketing director at marketing One, plays the subject in a way that no Symphony Orchestra can do.
In fact, he is more responsible to opus than any winemaker or vinyardist --the-glass success.
* When the project started seven years ago, "most of the wine in the restaurant was $3.
50 years old. "Harrison said.
"For us, obviously, for a quasi-young wine
This is a market area worthy of investigation.
We started mainly to familiarize people with wine.
Well, it took off.
"At the time, he thought that the main part of Opus's sales would be sold to collectors in specialty stores.
Today, less than 40% of wines are sold in this way.
Exports were 10%. When the by-the-
The glass project begins and a customer will order an Opus One, which will be delivered in a small glass bottle next to the high tulip glass.
Then the waiter will pour the wine into the glass.
"The most beautiful glass looks empty and has three ounces," Harrison said . " Therefore, the work "glass bottle" is engraved with the outline of the Baron and Mondavi, and is part of this project
Customers should be allowed to keep glass bottles, but the restaurant owner rarely reveals the fact that the project was only slightly successful at first.
But the idea is becoming popular.
Harrison developed a lapels pin for the waiter and the staff was trained to recommend Opus.
This seems to be a hot topic for young couples.
This year, Opus One entered the major league of Entertainment/catering.
Harrison had long wanted to provide the work in a delicate crystal dryer, but the cost was too high.
Then, Georg Riedel, producer of stemware, Austria, heard the following worksthe-glass program.
He offered to contribute his elegant Bordeaux crystal to the project, bringing it to its climax.
* Harrison developed a toolkit for key customers (
Buy enough supply of Opus One;
Harrison declined to say what the minimum is).
The kit contains Riedel glassware engraved with famous signs.
Any customer who orders Opus can use Austrian crystal glasses.
Also included in the kit: silver-Plated coasters; a silver-
Electroplating bottle cover with handle; a silver-
A product used to protect the opened bottle from further oxidation, including an electroplating drip station and two cans of private preservation. And a limited-
The signature and numbered work "Stone Print".
Assist the restaurant staff to pour out the correct amount, with "Opus line" on each glass ".
The waiter was trained to put an open bottle of wine and stemware on a silver plate and pour it on the table.
Glass on top of silver-plated coaster.
In the past year, by-of Opus One-the-
The sale of glass has not been ignored.
This high-end wine is dominated by the "special selection" of Caymus vineyard Cabernet "and the" Joseph Phelps vineyard "logo" The Glass provided after the meal at farniente Du Zhuang.
Since the publication of the work, it is more mythical than meaning and appears later in the morning in the Baron's bedroom.
Mondavi has told the story many times, saying that he was called to the Baron's bedside at the castle, where the Baron was having a good breakfast.
"He said he wanted to be a joint venture," said Mondavi . ".
"Well, I was shocked.
I sat by the bed and almost fell.
* The year is 1979.
The project started informally with a 50-year-old handshake.
The 50 deals were announced before the harvest, even before Morton's winemaker investigated Napa Valley vineyards.
The first box of wine still has no name (
It is known as Napamedoc at Mondavi winery)
It was auctioned at the first Napa Valley Wine Auction in 1981.
Although no one outside the winery has tasted the wine, a young Syracuse wine merchant named Charles Mara bought the first 12 wines for $24,000 --bottle case.
Then there was the pain of building a winery to accommodate the project. Architect R.
Johnson Finn of Los Angeles and Scott Johnson of the Pereira Association are pleased to screen ideas from two of the strongest people on Earth ---
There are few consistent ideas about what the project should be.
He is a mediator like an architect.
The construction of the winery took two years and cost $15 million, far exceeding expectations, as the project encountered more roadblocks than anyone expected.
Today, Johnson has a lot more white hair than he did at the beginning.
Initially Opus One was not open to the public, but a few weeks ago the side door of the impressive property was open by default to the person who made the appointment.
The question of whether Opus One is worth the money for any expensive product is this: if you have to ask, you can't afford it.
But people who buy it get more than just wine.
They also got myths. (
Start text of infobox/Infographic)
This week's wine 1993 Baron Herzog Chardonnay ($9)--
A fresh, exotic wine with spicy tropical fruit reminiscent of vignors or Vignoni grapes.
The faint Muscat notes in the aftertaste are offset by the delicate crisp aftertaste.
Peter Stern, the winemaker of the Jewish wine project, said the wine is 100% chardonnay, 75% kilometers from Sonoma County grapes, which includes most of the wine from the cool Russian Valley.
There was a part of the fruit that had such a peculiar element that he chose not to put it on the oak tree, Stern said.
However, the rest of the wine is aged by barrel fermentation, which makes the richness of the wine in contrast to the fresh, crisp taste.
Among the blinds to the 47 shattonai people, this wine is in the top five, although it is suitable for all uses.
There are about 12,000 cases.
It may be discounted to less than $8.
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