a lot of stupid things happened in toronto in 2018. here’s a look back - glass gym water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-09-02
a lot of stupid things happened in toronto in 2018. here’s a look back  -  glass gym water bottle
Another stupid life of a year. In Toronto —
This is, of course, the center of the universe-and hereabouts.
The police are bad, the swindlers are idiots, the politicians are panting, and the public transport is endless shemozzle. We had hex-
Play the witch, sex
An atheist priest who fights with God and wins TKO.
Refers to animals, refers to employees, refers to the elderly, absolutely refers to anyone who holds the opposite view, if often anonymous, use social media Pitchfork.
Push 'N' to shout. So, a shout-
When it was back, until 2018. view mirror.
Go ahead, get out of here.
Live and group actors were hired to attend a rally in Toronto by Doug Ford. The Hand-
After writing a controversial piece, Margaret Atwood defended herself on Twitter
Ed, the respected author, wants to know if she is a "bad feminist" who questions MeToo's campaign strategy ".
Scarborough Tim Horton prohibits employees from accepting tips and announces that their paid leave will be canceled in response to a company --wide $2. 40 wage hike.
Two Toronto police officers allegedly helped themselves smoke marijuana.
Injected chocolate, ingested, positioned, panicked, and let an officer-needs-Telephone Assistance
After four women reported separate incidents, Uber drivers were charged with four sexual assault and forced imprisonment.
MeFirst Jian Ghomeshi wrote an article entitled "reflection on the label" for the New York book review.
"There are a lot of people who hate it more than I do now.
But I'm the most hated person.
"Also known as sex, while a married Oshawa man is excluded from sexual assault after the judge finds out that he has no criminal responsibility for being" sexy --
Engage in sex while sleeping.
A bmw dealer employee was poisoned by engine coolant poured into a water bottle
Allegedly his colleague. workers.
The Hocus Focus UK travel couple found a spy camera hidden inside the digital clock at the Toronto Airbnb rental apartment. God’s one-
The Percenter plan Instagram photo shows Drake wearing a prisoner Angel support hoodie. Cops go nuts.
A tram called "stop service" poured heavily and damaged nine expensive new trams recently delivered by Bombardier.
Vancouver actor Seth Logan was hired to make a ceremonial announcement on the Toronto Metro and platform --
For example, don't cut toenails in public.
I swear the lawyer was annoyed by the delay waiting to plead guilty for his client because he told the judge to plead guilty and was fined $500--herself. Hip-hippo Hurray!
The little hippo was born at the Toronto Zoo and likes to take a bath every day and blow bubbles in the water.
Art thieves on the wall stole $35 million worth of prints from the Toronto Bansky show.
On the wall, local artists secretly hung one of their pieces at the Bansky exhibition, protesting a $35 street art entry fee.
A woman who does not move up was arrested for climbingtopless —
The crane on the construction site and then asked for rescue.
In contrast, the famous lawyer was accused of remarriage for preparing false documents to facilitate marriage with his lawyer.
Some people spray Nazi words on the rainbow crosswalk in gay village.
At the fork in the road, the small Cheesecake Company stole thirty cheesecake on its food truck.
Swipe left TTC fare inspector uses the personal information he collects from female passengers in order to ask her out for an appointment later.
Pearl grabs NDP Leader Andrea Howorth to ask PC cabinet minister Michael thibolo to apologize for "racist" comments
He wore a bomb-proof suit in the car.
With the police, Jane-Community of Finch
The samurai who seized the owner of the jewelry store drove away the robbers with a ceremonial sword.
Ford's widow Renata was paid $16.
5 million proceedings against her brotherin-
Law Prime minister Doug Ford and his brother Randy accused the siblings of violating the trust, conspiracy and "mismanagement of negligence" of the home decoration label business ".
Does this work on the bike track?
The police charged a 45-year-
Old man crossing the line on St. Queen's StreetE.
"Clothesline" through the motorcycle"Tim-
The woman accused of climbing Tim Holden Avenue was bitten-
Attack the waiter through the window.
No suspect's fangs hit the police dog's "rookie" mouth with bricks.
Professor Jordan Peterson's scholar U heil has launched a $1.
5 million defamation proceedings against the University of Wilfried Laurier, where two professors and a former gender and equity manager hinted that he was "similar to Adolfo Hitler ".
"It used to sue neighbors for $1 for garbage dumps and dump trucks for the infamous Forest Hills couple.
More than 8 million dogs come back to court.
This time, as a predecessor, there was a war between each other.
Presto chango employee error accidentally deactivated the Presto card for 29,000 customers.
19-no Presto card requiredyear-
After the old man was arrested, the video was posted with someone riding on the roof of the moving train.
Suspense police are confused about finding the guts and plates of a car hanging from a bridge near Don Valley Avenue.
Squeeze the boxed TTC to warn two accordion players who performed the summer hit song "Despacito" on the subway train.
Let our prey priest receive 8-
He was sentenced to one year in prison for extortion to his three parish residents.
Our father-United Church, who is not in heaven, canceled the evil judgment of the priest who did not believe in God.
All the dogs went to heaven, and a Scarborough man was found guilty of throwing his pet hound to death from the seventh.
The floor balcony allegedly told the frightened onlookers: "I killed the dog.
What are you going to do about it?
"Foul baller Stadium talk celebrity activity was stopped, former Bluebird third baseman Kelly Gruber was removed from the stage for allegedly making inappropriate comments about the event's female host
The police and robber officer on the record, with his children drunk in the car, attacked a woman and came out of the workplace under this influence and was eventually fired --
Stolen $80 from the suspect's wallet and detained him.
He's a ghost. a human —
Leave feces behind people's houses, in the bushes near the school, and other "inappropriate places.
At the zoo, a group of thieves passed through the enclosure of the elmville zoo and robbed lemurs, baby gibbons and Stanley, the turtle.
Stupid beauty threw a treadmill at GoodLife Fitness Center with a barbell after a fight. 10-hic-
It is alleged that four experienced police officers were so hard hit in their participation in 1 feet pursuit of suspects that his vague words about the dispatcher were completely unintelligible.
Some angry birds tourists in Toronto park are warned of the danger of diving.
Bombarded with aggressive red
Black bird with wings
They're not flying f---
Two "severely drunk" women forced Air Canada's aircraft to stay unscheduled in Toronto because the flight was interrupted and flight attendants were unable to provide alcohol and food services to other passengers.
Bench player Toronto peace judge was fired for getting himself involved in an attack alleged to have been the victim of his girlfriend.
Q & the reporter who Arseholes government staff tried to ask questions at the Ford Prime Minister's press conference "applauds ".
The digital penetration owner of the Kit Kat restaurant built a huge middle
Protest against the finger ice sculpture of the King Street pilot project.
Three former TTC officials issued fake tickets to homeless people so that they could get off work and they were jailed.
If it walks like a dick and grags like a dick, then in the CP24 debate, Catherine Wayne's campaign team
To be honest, the chairman called Doug Ford "a little dick.
"Give us a minute and we'll come up with a way to blame Mark Shapiro for freezing rain forcing the cancellation of a Blue Jays game on a weekend in Rogers Center
Brownie noted that PC Leader Patrick Brown, on the eve of an election that could make him prime minister, after being accused of sexual misconduct by two unidentified women in CTV News reports,
Markham decided to move 25-foot-
Controversial sculpture
Charity, cattle on stilts
As a result, the owner sued the city for $3 million in property losses and another $1 million in general losses.
She allegedly helped her woman steal a stone worth thousands of dollars from the Gardner Museum with the words "Love Yourself ".
The Rex Union Station Edifice project has been delayed for another year and will cost an additional $22. 8 million.
Toronto is the only Canadian city to find a second headquarters in 20 finalists in Amazon North America.
It can't make cutting.
Her ears were scorched by her mobile phone, which caused a fire on the plane.
An activist who killed vegetarians returned to a Toronto restaurant to demonstrate against the killing of animals, a week after the owner carved a deer leg on the window in front of them.
Scarborough homeowners stabbed the show when they interrupted the break.
Hit the intruder in the head with a hockey stick.
Martin, the turtle was reunited with his Oakville owner after 11 months of running.
A couple aged 91 and 88 are threatened and if they do not trim the grass around the traffic island in front of their home, they will be notified of the violation by the city.
The throne annex game with toilet in the living room is available for $898,000.
A minivan was stolen in northern New York. month-
Old baby behind
Two women were accused of posing as witches and cheating several men for nearly $700,000
To ward off evil.
After the police were told that the birth of Jesus was found in the park after the birth of the forceps, blood and childbirth evidence, the woman stood up and said that for the overall purpose, she retained the postpartum, and gave it back to nature ". ”Bang-a-
The staff at the Gong pot shop used glass bong to repel the attacker who sprayed him with a bear spray.
Another reason the pillars should walk more is that someone filed a lawsuit against MLB and Bluebird after being hit by a bat flying out of Kevin Pillar's hand.
The layoff plan fired a woman to sue the Etobicoke fertility clinic for $25 million after a refrigerator failure destroyed her stored eggs.
The TTC driver was stabbed to his teeth by a broken toothbrush.
More trouble with urine 70-three-year-
The old Simcoe man was charged after throwing urine at the police investigating the prank complaint.
Insomaniac well
Greased people swim naked in a shark tank at Ripley's Aquarium.
The Ontario Human Rights Court has ordered a Chinese restaurant in the city center to pay $10,000 to a man who has discriminated against him by ruling that the man and his three friends are black, pay their meals in advanceB-
In three cemeteries in Mississauga, hundreds of pits were stolen for more than six months.
Dad's dearest Magna International founder, Frank Strachy, sued her daughter Belinda and her two adult children for $0. 52 billion, claiming that the family empire was stripped of power and that his property was poorly managed, the company's money is "used to maintain her extravagant lifestyle ". ”Alley-
Unfortunately, Casey was fired by coach Raptors.
Then he won the NBA Coach of the year.
Unlock the Bible Belt of religious leaders and self
The acclaimed "prophet" told a woman that God "showed him" that she would die if she refused to abort his unborn child.
TTC launches falling door
Only the tram opens the gate because the drivers always drive into the tram tunnel at Queen's Wharf.
Not a big deal, the famous Bishop Strachan, a private school for women, shot and apologized after Shakespeare's tour of the "Merchant of Venice", which was deliberately provocative, described by parents as blatant oppositionSemitic.
Short version: Prime Minister Ford split the Toronto parliament in two.
Rosie DiManno is a columnist in Toronto covering sports and current affairs.
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