a 3-point plan for choosing wine you really want to drink - beautiful wine glasses

by:Koodee      2019-08-11
a 3-point plan for choosing wine you really want to drink  -  beautiful wine glasses
What are we looking for in wine?
Some people want an attractive name or beautiful label, as long as it says "Chardonnay ".
Many people like dry wine, while others like the sweetness of wine.
Judging from the number of bulky Fat bottles on the wine store shelves, the winery thinks we prefer to pay more for the packaging rather than the internal quality.
"What are you looking for in wine?
"This is a problem I often have around the water dispenser at work or for dinner with friends.
These people are not as obsessed with grape juice as I am, they don't spin their cups with reflection, they don't have four recycling bins, who doesn't try to type words like "window" without adding irrelevant "e"
In other words, people with life.
They want the wine to be delicious, reliable and affordable.
They want to know why I prefer a lovesickness to another one, what makes this Cabernet Sauvignon different, or why anyone with a sound mind will pay the ratio (
Fill in your personal budget here)
A bottle of wine.
"What are you looking for in wine?
This is not an easy question to answer.
Sometimes my preference depends on my mood.
Foam can help celebrate the success of the work and provide comfort after a bad day.
A refreshing cup of rose helps to get rid of the tension and stimulate my appetite for dinner, while a glass of wine after the meal can make me feel comfortable and thoughtful.
But my friends don't want to listen to my mood.
They want to know what they are looking for and how to evaluate the quality of the wine.
So I highlighted the three stages of wine tasting: Attack, middle and finish.
Attack includes all-
Important swirls and scents: does the wine smell clean or trendy?
Is it fresh fruity or is it like brown sugar, caramel, dried fruit or stewed fruit?
When you taste it, your first impression is acidic, make you drool and start the palate for the next or next bite?
Is the wine light and ethereal?
Or is it heavy and Woody, dry your mouth with Danic acid?
The middle is when you have wine in your mouth.
Yes, you can do that.
It's an encouragement, and with a little practice you can even do it without dribbling.
Does the taste stay the same or change?
When the wine touches every part of your mouth and taste buds, do you notice a different flavor or does it stay the same?
Will alcohol burn your mouth?
Will the taste disappear? (
Some wines are described as doughnuts, missing the middle part. )
Now swallow and taste finished.
Will this taste remain on your palate and may even change more?
Is your final impression harsh, sweet or delicious?
Think about the sour taste and the Danic acid: does the wine make you feel refreshed and what do you want to eat?
In red wine, will Danic acid end gently, maybe your tongue and teeth will feel itchy?
This shows the potential for good structure and aging. And steak.
So, take a bite of steak or something else you're eating, and then have another sip of wine.
Does the wine taste different now?
Does it conflict with the food or does it seem to ignore it and taste the same?
Or is the food combined with the taste of wine turned into something new, different, and even exciting?
These issues apply to any wine
White, red or pink, blistering or fortified.
When you pay attention to what you drink, you can notice and describe the difference between chardonnay and Commander Lei, or syrah and pinot noir.
You will begin to define what you are looking for in wine.
Recently, when a dinner guest asked me this question, I decided to state my point of view rather than explain it.
I gave two examples: dulohin wine
Shaboli Vaudon 2014 from Joseph duoluan, Roserock Pinot Noir 2014 Eola-
Friendly Mountain from dolohin, Oregon.
Same family, different terroirs, two delicious wines.
Xiadores is a pure chardonnay.
It is not the feeling of not mixing, but the taste of fruit and other things.
It is not inflated with oak.
Not needed.
The wine is full.
Without a heavy body, it seems to guide the chalk soil of chablis.
This is a good dinner partner.
Grilled chicken, rat Lee sausage, spicy jicama salad).
Black Bino is a typical willamit Valley: Black smoke-
Taste and taste of fruitPerfect balance.
This is a very cool beautiful wine to taste on the terrace on the evening of August.
When I mentioned that blackbino, Oregon, was my favorite.
Whenever I feel sad or blue, I ignite a new line of questioning --from my wife.
But this is another story.
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