6 ways to be a more sustainable traveler - glass water bottle with plastic outside

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6 ways to be a more sustainable traveler  -  glass water bottle with plastic outside
The United Nations designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development is an opportunity to raise global awareness of how responsible tourism can become a tool for positive change.
The three pillars of sustainable tourism are the adoption of environmental practices (
Reduce, reuse, recycle);
Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage (
Restore historic buildings or save endangered species);
Provide tangible social and economic benefits to local communities (
From safeguarding the rights of indigenous peoples to supporting employees to receive fair wages).
Global travelers can do six things to mitigate their impact on the Earth: by going to less places and spending more time in each place, they become part of the emerging slow travel trend.
Train travel is a good way.
Not only will you experience a deeper sense of place, but you will also reduce your carbon footprint.
My favorite tripby-
Train destinations include India, Southeast Asia, East Africa and China. Many well-
Well-meaning travelers distribute candy, old clothes, books and pencils to children and villagers in developing countries.
Sadly, this donation tends to have unintended consequences, and it will sow community conflicts and encourage a culture of dependence and begging.
I saw two Marseille women in Africa for a T-
A shirt distributed by a smiling tourist;
In some parts of Asia, the first English word children learn is "Give me sweet ".
It is best to give money or goods to well-known local organizations engaged in social welfare programs or international groups working with them.
A good package is purposeful.
The huge Pacific garbage belt is a group of human garbage that stretches thousands of miles, including a large amount of garbage.
Throw away plastic bottles and plastic bags, which, if any, will take hundreds of years to destroy the marine ecosystem.
Become part of the solution by selecting local purified water from recyclable glass bottles (
In the tropical area, I mainly rely on green coconuts to keep my water hydrated)
Carry a tote bag in your luggage and you can use it while browsing the street markets and shops.
This will not only reduce plastic waste but also reduce your carbon footprint oil
The main raw materials for the production of plastic bottles and plastic bags.
When I travel, I spend most of my time exploring myself, but when I look for services for travel gear workers, I always ask three questions before signing up: what are the environmental practices of your travel company?
Can you give me an example of how your trip can help protect and support wildlife or cultural heritage?
Do you hire a local guide when you travel?
Nowadays, any equipment worker who can't give a clear answer is behind the times.
Find another one.
Locally made crafts and souvenirs are not always cheap, but buying them ensures that your contribution to the economy will have a more direct and positive impact.
In Cancun, for example, some gift shops sell traditional Mexican wines imported from China because they cost less, while village craftsmen who craft hats charge more.
The difference is not just the price.
Buy real sombreros to support authentic cultural heritage and provide the required work for the locals who make them.
On a trip to Vietnam's Halong Bay, I saw a group of American tourists bargaining with villagers who were selling some of the most beautiful shells I had encountered during the trip.
Again, in Mongolia, I saw a pair of backpackers bargain at an outdoor market and want to buy a hand.
Sewing eagle hunter hat made of plush wolf fur.
These travelers have inadvertently helped support a growing market for the sale of rare and endangered wildlife products as souvenirs. Just say no.                                

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