5 panamanian food specialties that you should try when you visit panama - drinking glass water bottle

by:Koodee      2019-08-29
5 panamanian food specialties that you should try when you visit panama  -  drinking glass water bottle
Casco Viejo (Old Town)
In the city of Panama
In addition to visiting the beautiful beaches, canals and historical landmarks of Panama, as shown in Casco Viejo above, you should also taste some of the country's delicacies.
My father was born and raised in Panama, so I came into contact with a lot of dishes and specialties like arroz con polllo (
Chicken rice)as a child.
There are a few other foods that I introduced to me from my father's family, such as cou or beef patties, which I think are Panamanian.
These dishes, however, come from the Caribbean or the West Indian.
For example, Cou is home to Barbados and beef pie is home to Jamaica.
Many people do not know that the number of Panamanian people who are descendants of Western Indians is huge.
As a result, the Caribbean region has had an impact on some of the country's food.
Speaking of which, there are five specialties or delicacies of Panama cuisine, and you should try them when you visit Panama.
PataconesPatacones, from the green plantains, is basically part of the Panama diet.
Slice the grass in front of the car and fry it twice.
First, cut the plantain into banana slices.
The slices are fried on both sides for about 2 minutes to golden brown.
Then remove the slices from the grease.
After the excess oil is taken out, the plantain is broken or smashed by something called tostenera.
I also saw people break the plantain with a glass Coke bottle or at the bottom of the wine glass.
Once the plantain is mashed, it will fry again until they become brittle.
Patacones is available for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
In most restaurants in Panama, you can choose some French fries (
Papas frista, Spain)
Or eat with your meal.
In my opinion, it is actually a perfect replacement for chips.
I'm not sure if it's healthier.
Patocones is usually salted.
A little bit of tomato sauce is also delicious.
I don't like eating patacones like this, but I saw some of my cousins melt on their cheese in Panama.
I think it's about the same as cheese and chips.
What I can say about HojaldasAll about hojaldas is, "Oh my God ".
Thankfully, it was a delicacy that I came into contact with when I was very young.
When I grew up eating hojaldas with a little honey or syrup, there were restaurants in Panama like Trapiche that served you hojaldas sandwiches.
Hojaldas is basically a fritters.
It is made of flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, butter and water.
Like pataconi, hojaldas is available for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
In Panama, people eat hojaldas with any kind of meat.
The typical breakfast consists of a Mexican chili and some sausage.
Hojaldas is also a nice snack.
CarimanolaCarimanola, also known as a tapioca roll, is a professional I did not introduce as a child.
I was very happy to be able to try it when I came to Panama.
Carimanola is made from yuca fried food, wrapped with some meat, usually beef.
Carimanola is usually eaten for breakfast, but I don't see any problem eating it at any time of the day.
This dish is only available in Panama and Colombia.
Ironically, Panama was once part of Colombia.
This is a seafood dish that he often serves in Panama.
It is usually made with corvina or white bass.
Shrimp and other kinds of fish can also be used.
Other ingredients include lemon juice, onion, celery, habanello pepper and sea salt.
In the renovation area of supermarkets and small convenience stores, it is not uncommon to see cerviche for sale in small packages.
Cerviche also frequently appears on the menus of several restaurants in Panama, especially those that specialize in traditional Panamanian food.
You can also see cerviche as an appetizer at special events such as weddings and birthday parties.
Cerviche is usually provided with a small shell called canastitas, which is similar to the mini version of the burrito salad shell.
It is also common to see it in a small cup with a small spoon.
Many people eat the cervix directly. some people eat biscuits.
I was a little nervous when my cousin introduced me to cerviche because it wasn't tempting at first glance.
Still, it's not that bad once I try it.
Tres LechesTres leches is a cake made of sweet condensed milk, condensed milk and whole milk, which is literally translated into three milk in English.
It is said that the cake was shipped from Panama to Britain for the Queen's wedding.
At an office party in Panama, I was introduced to the cake.
It was put in a plastic cup.
The cake was wet and what tripped me.
It's not normal for me to come from the United States.
The Res honeycomb is wet because it is basically a sponge or butter cake soaked in milk.
Another thing I am interested in is that there is fruit in the cake.
Most importantly, there is a cream cone on the cake.
The texture of the cake is different, but I have no problem with the taste.
Refrigerated eches l is usually sold in traditional restaurants and can be found in most supermarkets as well.
You may notice different flavors from the restaurant to the restaurant, from the store to the store, but overall I think you will like res l. Dieters Beware!
Of the five Panama foods I think you should try, there are four that will definitely add to your body shape.
Hojaldas, carimanolas, and patacone are all fried with carbohydrates, while tres leches is a cake made of three kinds of milk, including sweet milk.
Having said that, plan to cancel your healthy diet when you are on holiday in Panama and end for a while.
If you have tried these dishes, please let me know what you think of them in the comment box below.
Also, if you have any questions about Panama or food, you can also leave them in the comments section below.
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