5 luxury homes with exquisite wine cellars - beautiful wine glasses

by:Koodee      2019-08-11
5 luxury homes with exquisite wine cellars  -  beautiful wine glasses
For people who really like wine, building a beautiful wine cell is not just for beauty.
Richard Rosenthal, a real estate agent at Halstead in Manhattan, said other features such as placement, safety, temperature and humidity controls, and the shape and size of different bottles, must also be taken into account.
Use a variety of materials from wood to glass, some of the most impressive
The wine house itself is a work of art.
There are a few gorgeous examples in the market now.
Warwick Avenue 1: 18 (
Alpine, New Jersey)
See, there is a classic wine cellar with a sturdy mahogany double door, dark tile floor, metal trim, and custom plaster ceiling.
Don't get it wrong, though: these 4,000-
Temperature-bottle double zone
More controlled wine cellar than traditional details. With a tamper-
Programmed as a biometric entry security system that accepts fingerprint, digital password and RFID bottle authentication for selected individuals, the most impressive feature here is smart home technology.
This security system can actively monitor who and when someone enters the cellar and quickly notify the owner of the entry and exit via email or text.
2: 321 Ocean, Unit 201 (
Miami Beach, Florida
Style in this 50-square-
Feet, cold storage wine room.
Open, transparent atmosphere, climate-
The control room is equipped with a smooth insulated glass case, custom acrylic and hot metal frame, which is powder-
Painted with matte black finish that matches the custom black finish on the shelf.
3: 357 West 17 Street (
New York, New York)
This stunning wine cellar reflects the best style of modern and rustic and is one of the largest wine cellars for $36. 8-million house. (
Considering the square of 11,000, that's a lot to say --
Foot house is launched with aWhite 2016 Bentley Mulsanne! )
Every bottle in the climate
Through backlit LED walls, combined with rustic brick walls and vaulted ceilings, the control space is elegantly illuminated to create an effortless chiclook.
4: No. 795, Gaoyuan Road (
Atlanta, Georgia)Insidea six-acre European-
Estate is a very good style.
Trim, 2,000-
Wine cellar.
By a highvelocity, self-
Contains a cooling system that keeps the temperature at 59 degrees, the most impressive detail here is the barrel-vaulted, hand-
Tiled ceiling laid in Italy, used for centuries
Old technology that ensures uniform weight in design. 5: DARLINGTON (
Mova New Jersey)
This rare Manor is called the Versailles of America by many architectural enthusiasts (sold furnished)
There's a wine cellar.
Separate temperature control for red and white wines
Connected to square 27by-27-foot wine room.
While everything in the wine room is custom made, the wine wall is definitely showing 326 bottles of wine.
Except for two blue chairs that once belonged to Sir Elton John, the whole combination is like a well
Many cultural lovers will die for the art of planning.
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