5 health mistakes you make every day - stainless steel food thermos

by:Koodee      2019-09-05
5 health mistakes you make every day  -  stainless steel food thermos
Introduction: Your day is full of danger-
As you drive to the NSFW site, this site beckons at 3 from a stupid phone. m.
The risks you know
How about these?
Quick list: 1 Category: Health error: 7M. -
You brush after breakfast: text: brush after eating acidic food-
Fruit and juice in particular
Enamel can be weakened, says Mark Wolfe. D. S. , Ph. D.
Of the New York University School of Dentistry.
This can lead to increased chances of discoloration or cracks and debris.
Rinse before eating, wait a minute, no brush?
Stir with water and wait for 40 minutes to allow the calcium in saliva to remineralize the weakened area. Then brush. (
It is explained that each pop, crack and whistle is diagnosed with these 6 strange body noises and then they get worse. )
Quick List: 2 categories: Health error: A. 8: 30M. -
You Commute with Windows Openurl: text: Scott Fruin says air pollution on the highway can be 10 times higher than in the suburbsEnv.
University of Southern California environmental health researcher
Diesel smoke can cause headaches, cancer and heart disease.
Re-cycle on the window, then click "recirc" on your air conditioner ".
This can reduce your exposure to particulate pollution by four times.
The study of Fruin found.
Quick List: 3 categories: Health error: 1 pageM. -
Your lunch at Plasticurl: text: BPA-microwavefree?
Even better, but not perfect.
Dr. Jermaine Buck Lewis says phthal salt will still penetrate into your food, potentially damaging sperm and altering hormonesD.
A director of the National Institutes of Health
Before nuking food, put your ass on the glass or heat it on the stove at home and wrap it in stainless steel
A steel thermos that keeps hot. (
Frozen entrees can help you avoid overeating because of the heat
Complete the control work for you.
The best frozen food for men is rich in protein and fiber. -
The taste is really good. )
Quick List: 4 categories: Health error: 7: 30M. -
Driving home after happy hour url: text: blood alcohol concentration (BAC)of just . 01 percent-Far below. 08 legal limit-
A study by the University of California, San Diego, shows that 46% more likely than a fully awake driver to cause a crash.
Ph. Aaron White says chew your BAC 30% before making wineD.
National Institute of alcohol and alcohol
Quick List: 4 categories: Health error: 10. 30 P. M. -
You check your work.
Bedtime mail: text: manager working with smartphone after 9: 00m.
A study by the University of Florida found waking up groggy.
A large study in Singapore shows that lack of sleep increases the chance of stroke death.
Turn off the charging station from the bedroom and turn off the electronics
Email notification after 9 pm.
Someone will call if there is an emergency.
Tonight, put your body under nap control with this guide and sleep well.
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