5 gruesome experiments scientists tested (on themselves) - stainless steel wine cups

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5 gruesome experiments scientists tested (on themselves)  -  stainless steel wine cups
Science may be a frustrating area.
You came up with some illness.
This will completely ruin the ass experiment of the intellectual space, while the professional party staff known as the ethics committee will ruin all your fun.
But some brave scientists have solved these trivial matters.
Like art, sometimes people have to suffer for their science.
Many scientists tied themselves with huge needles in soft places, and Sir Isaac Newton was a bit of a big deal.
He invented calculus, defined the law of motion, and did all the work of explaining gravity.
He also made something with optics.
He has a famous connection with the skill they showed you in elementary school, in which you shine through a and the rainbow comes out from the other side.
He is even the reason why the rainbow is traditionally portrayed, although the Rainbow contains all the colors, rainbows and so on.
Newton's biggest optical problem is finding out how light enters the human eye.
Yes, we can safely say that it is an "obsession" in terms of the length he understands it ".
Probably after crossing his heart and hoping to die, he inserted a bodejin (
Large blunt needle)
In the tear tube between him and the eyeball, then twist it to see what the effect will be.
This voluntary prototype
The puzzle trap clearly blurs his field of view and lets him see a different color, like when you press a little on your eye with anything that is not a giant needle.
Of course, science needs to be copied, so Newton repeats the experiment under different conditions to test something like what color can be seen in the well
Bright rooms and dark rooms.
We will say that this is what any rational scientist will do, but the whole concept of rational science disappears before a few words.
Newton did not monopolize the self of science. harm, though.
Chances are, when all these pizza rolls are finally collected and your heart explodes, the pain that makes you fall on the floor will come from your left arm.
A phenomenon like this, in which the failed part of the body is not the feeling of pain, is called pain, and has not been well understood for a long time.
So, in the 1930 s, scientists decided to go and see.
Their approach is both simple and scary: to determine which body parts will be painful, they take a long syringe, fill it with salt water, and then inject it into all parts of their body
It doesn't seem like a big deal, but if you inject the salt water into the right/wrong place, like your muscle tissue, the salt water will get you up quickly.
This is a brief outbreak that causes extreme pain.
When that didn't produce the data they needed, they decided to move on. . .
Directly into their bones.
However, there is a problem (
OK, many questions)
: The subcutaneous injection needles they have been using are not strong enough to penetrate the bones.
In order not to be deprived of their chance of painful glory, they improvise, piercing the shin of Kellgren with metal spikes made of sharp stainless steel lines.
Believe it or not, this obvious excuse for engaging in the technology and management of some universities has actually proved useful.
Thanks to Kellgren and lewis's quirky behavior, doctors now have a better roadmap for what pain feels and pain may mean.
Think about it, the only benefit of having sex is that the barista gets yelled less often.
George Stratton changed his world. Down (
Rather than metaphor)
Scientist George Stratton is fascinated by how our retina reverses the images we see.
Scientists already know this has happened, but they don't know why.
Stratton believes this has to do with how our brains change the inverted images to match our perception of the world, and others think it has to do with how our eyes move.
In any case, Stratton decided to make and wear glasses, which will show the world like his retina: updown.
Stratton tested his theory in a number of disoriented experiments.
He wore the ridiculous headdress, upside down, upside down.
Initially, he tested two eyes, but after too much pressure and he was tired of poking the ceiling with his toes, he turned to the one-eye version.
In the evening, the device was removed and his eyes were tightly closed so that he would not reposition in the hope of a worn-out sleep mask --
All the movie stars are worn.
Stratton claims to experience the mind
The perceived interruption of the bending led to what he called "out-of-
Whenever his vision does not match his feelings, the physical experience will appear.
After the experiment, he began to look at the World "normally", although his definition of normal is obviously not ours.
At the beginning of the 20 th century, too many scientists had breakfast and skin diseases ravaged the southern states of the United States. S.
As effective as depth
Fried is combined with racism.
This is similar to leprosy, which causes the patient's skin to fall off and bleed with diarrhea and kicking dementia.
The death rate is about 40%, and cases have been reported in South Carolina by 1912.
So the government asked Joseph Golberg to find out why all of these people turned gray cases.
The first thing Goldberger noticed was that prisoners seemed particularly vulnerable to the disease, but prison staff did not, which seemed to be related to the popular view caused by viruses or bacteria.
After ruling out the biological class war, he concluded that a certain lack of diet was the culprit.
Of course, he then conducted an orderly study of the prisoner's diet to determine what was missing.
He's just kidding.
It's not clear how this should be diagnosed with insufficient meals, but as always, we suspect it's a secret, confusing sexual act.
Especially after his wife asked for an intervention.
She described the time they ate the prisoner's feces, snot, skin damage, scabs, and urine (
During what they call a "dirty party)
Just like the closest time in their marriage.
Weak swelling and diarrhea, of course-
This is the result of their experiment. -
I will do this for a relationship.
Alas, they did not infect pellagra, proving that it was not transmitted by body fluids at all.
It turns out that, as confirmed by others working in normal science, this is the lack of nexic acid.
Symptoms of fever include fever (
The name is there)
Headache, cold hair, bleeding in the eyes and mouth, blisters on the skin, black vomit, and other things that are not usually seen outside of the movie.
Some scientists at the time thought the disease would not be contagious, including Jean Louis Genevieve Gu Yang.
Because things were hard to do that day, Guang took a sweat-streaming sweaty back shirt from a man who died of fever and wore it for 24 hours.
Then he injected his arms with pus from the blisters of the deceased.
In the weeks after that, Guyon was angered by his health, and he put on the clothes of the recently deceased patient as his body temperature was still warm (
Also soaked with his vomit).
When it wasn't enough to get him sick, he climbed up the man's poo --
Filled the bed, rolled in and applied it to him.
He stayed like this for six and a half hours.
Because when this starts to get weird, it's obviously 7).
After all this is M.
Guyon enjoys uninterrupted health during these experiments.
"Presumably this refers only to the physical aspect of things, not the spiritual aspect.
There is also Giovanni Battista Grassi, who is looking around in the intestines of a dead man. . . something (
Maybe his car key? )
When he happened to find hundreds of Edelweiss and their small Edelweiss eggs.
Grassi was very interested in his discovery and soon took out a decent part of the happy urinating stool --Family Insurance.
This is not a temporary madness. -
At least not in the traditional sense.
Grassi hopes that by doing so, he can determine whether humans will be infected with sticky worms by eating them --
The presence of the previous aircraft carrier.
This seems to be something that science is "out of date.
Of course, Grassi is still a scientist, and this method is not completely free of madness.
To know if his experiment will be successful, he needs to first make sure he is not infected.
Therefore, he checks his feces every day, while storing the velvet worm in the feces where he is obviously lying.
After a long enough time, Gracie took all the courage, presumably he ate ketchup and knocked down the little bastard.
Twenty-two days later, Grassi again carefully examined his feces under a microscope, and he was pleased to report that he was now infected with sticky worms.
Then he sat down and wrote a research paper about his time to eat for science.
In the first world war, scientists made more powerful weapons than ever before, and frontline soldiers did not intend to become test subjects for cruel research in opposing countries.
It was not approved until after the war, so chemical warfare was technically fair.
The Germans have begun to manufacture and deploy a large number of chemicals, so the allies have decided that they need an effective chemical.
To that end, they built a million
The dollar factory is dedicated to pumping shells filled with hydrogen and bitterness. Dr.
Joseph Barcroft, however, had some doubts.
No, he is not worried about murdering thousands of people with terrible chemicals;
He is worried that the bitter hydrogen will not kill people.
To test his killer baby, Barcroft locked himself in a sealed room and injected it with poison in the air.
He brought a dog because he didn't feel crazy enough.
He stayed there and breathed this until the dog finally died.
It took only a minute and a half to complete the saddest feeder mission of all time.
Barcroft left the chamber and reported that he felt that way.
Whenever he quickly turned his head for about a year, he also recorded "short-lived happiness ".
Hey, it sounds fun!
It's not worth killing a dog, but we heard of worse side effects.
So are allies. -
His experiments proved that the short-term excitement given to the enemy might not be worth millions of dollars.
At least not when the Huibo pit is so cheap and accessible.
1 Regine Gries got ourselves bitten by 200,000 bugs so we didn't have (
Unless we do something ridiculous like buying a chair from Craigslist).
She did this
Since 2006, Gries and her husband, Gerhard, have started developing bug deterrent chemicals.
To test if their invention attracted bed bugs more than human flesh, she really rolled up her sleeves and let thousands of little assholes go into town on her exposed skin.
She took several plexiglass cups full of insects and poured them directly on her arm.
She does this every Saturday because it's obviously a weekend thing.
Of course, no one will decide to elbow after waking up one day.
Immerse yourself in the sleeping insects.
They have tried using chickens and guinea pigs before, but the blood of the chickens is toxic to small animals and they are quickly fed up with weekly medication and shaving for guinea pigs.
It turns out that gries's body is equipped with unique equipment for this effort, and after a bite for two hours, only some itching and swelling appear.
At the same time, her husband saw his limbs double in size after the same treatment, so Gries became the only human sacrifice.
You can't say she's not enthusiastic.
She has been tortured for the past ten years.
We will of course call it "impressive", but we are not sure what tone to use when speaking.
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