5 cheap(ish) things to help you start packing your lunch - stainless steel food thermos

by:Koodee      2019-09-05
5 cheap(ish) things to help you start packing your lunch  -  stainless steel food thermos
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The end of summer is bittersweet.
This marks the end of the long days spent outdoors, fresh corn on the stick, and the fun of seeing lightning bugs in the park.
But for those of us who live for the exciting leaves and calendar smells starting from the school year, the arrival of autumn is a welcome opportunity
Establish a routine and develop a new habit or two.
In many families, when summer comes, there is nothing more likely to collapse than packing lunch.
Whether it's the temptation to eat with co-in the Park
Workers, or when 95 degrees, simply want to rest less, it is easy to rush out without taking care of lunch.
Working with Wirecutter, a New York Times company that reviews and recommends products, here are five cheap (ish)
Something that pushes you to pack your lunch, whether it's for yourself, your spouse or a big kid who refuses more traditional lunch gear (
There's nothing more mature than your own set of bamboo travel gear).
While the reusable plastic take-out and cooked food containers you collect are not shameful, nothing brings back the fun and excitement of packing lunch more than two new containers.
Goodbye, lunch.
For children and adults, the use of L is recommended by Wirecutter. L. Bean Lunch Box.
While there is nothing wrong with taking a fork or spoon from the drawer into your lunch bag, it is always possible that it will not go home again.
If you don't want to risk throwing a piece of grandma's cutlery into the office kitchen, invest in a travel kit.
Wirecutter recommends 4N1 cutlery set, a lightweight stainless steel set that is cheap enough that you won't cry if you lose one.
When you want a hot lunch but don't have time to wait a bit with an office microwave, there's nothing better than an insulated pantry.
The modern version is a big step forward from the plastic strawberry shortcake thermos I was a kid, and the stainless steel interior means it doesn't get dirty or keep the smell.
Wirecutter recommends the Zojirushi stainless steel food tank, which has a capacity of less than 12 ounces and has five colors.
A heat preservation water bottle will remind you to keep moisture and even help you get rid of the caffeine habit in the afternoon!
Wirecutter offers a large selection of water bottles for a wide range of needs, including the recommendation of steel, plastic, glass and foldable bottles.
In the early days of my work, I used and reused a small shopping bag to bring back lunch until an unforgettable commute, when the newspaper retreated and my lunch fell to the ground.
Don't learn as hard as I do.
Buy yourself a sturdy bag or tote bag to store food safely.
Wirecutter's favorite handbag is a canvas duck bag.
Why guidance is important, how to start career guidance used to be the norm in the workplace, but it is difficult to find today, although they are more important than ever.
Here's how to find one and how to get the most out of it.
What to say when someone asks you why you don't have a breast
This is a very personal question that can challenge one's view of the world. How (and When)
To limit the use of technology for children, teach your children to use technology in a healthy way and develop the skills and habits of their successful digital citizens.
Be kind to yourself today, Cavana-
Blasey's testimony sparked painful memories for many.
This is what you can do.
How to eat like a local while traveling everyone says you should follow the footsteps of the locals when traveling, but practical advice on how to do this is often vague.
Here is our suggestion.
Pull your friends out: make a mini
Wonderful holiday movies showing all the videos on the trip can be a hassle.
Instead, stitch them in a short highlight reel.
Here is Julie Kerr's cleaning expert and friend of smart life who teaches us how to clean the old kimono we all lay down.
Q: Recently, my mother put one of her bathrobe (
A Japanese summer kimono made of cotton)to me.
I don't know how big it is, but I think it may be around 50.
Most of this dress is white, but there are yellow spots in several places now.
I would love to know if it is possible to get these out and how I can do this.
Thank you very much for Wendy in Torrance, California.
It is absolutely possible to remove those yellow age spots from vintage fabrics. (
If the same is true of retro skin, wouldn't it be really cute? ! )
The product you need is called Engleside Restoration.
To use it, dissolve the three scoops of powder in a gallon of warm water, soak the clothes for six to eight hours, then rinse them clean, hang them or leave them flat to dry;
Hands in more detail-
Washing instructions, please refer to my guide on how to do laundry.
When we talked about vintage textiles, Engleside also produced a product called quilt washing, which is worth mentioning because over the years, I got a lot of questions about how to best take care of precious quilts.
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