5 actors you'll never believe were almost in star wars - glass containers with silicone sleeve

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5 actors you\'ll never believe were almost in star wars  -  glass containers with silicone sleeve
Like lightsaber and space war, it was the casting that had such a lasting success.
The fact that these actors were able to read the lines of George Lucas convincingly elevated the first film from a "very good episode" to an "instant classic ".
"Think about it.
Can you imagine anyone else playing Luke Skywalker or Han Solo?
Can you imagine a movie? In this movie, Princess Leia is not Kylie Fisher, or Luke's best friend, Biggs, is not delivered by pizza in every porn movie in her 70 s.
Of course, you can't, not just because the TV and the smartphone make your imagination disappear.
These roles are.
But a long time ago, in some distant places, the legendary cast was not in carbonite.
This is almost completely different. . .
The wolf tooth stick WinduIt, part of the monthly newspaper reading of tuparke Schak, is a bit --
Samuel L.
Jackson's role in the prequel has not been named "Jedi master Sam Jackson" and is actually a script character called "mace Wandu. "Is there any evidence?
Everyone else took part in the audition. . .
Tupac is obviously included. Yes, Tupac --the . Kidding.
We're talking about the person you really think about.
Tupac, an engineer at the Death Star record company, talks about the upcoming film project in 1996, revealing that he will play a role in the new George Lucas film ---
It turned out to be a name.
Tupac would be an ideal candidate for CGI
Saturated production, basically no previous experience.
If you think it is impossible to happen, please take a step back and consider how strange Samuel L is
Jackson, a guy known for perfectly saying "m ** * r", was finally admitted.
Tupac did not get the character, but even if he did, the fact that he was murdered before he started filming could jeopardize his participation in the film (
Although this does not stop the release of his three Dead films:, and classic films).
Of course, the biggest tragedy is that this icon is deprived of the opportunity to endure forever.
Darth Vader's voice is almost the actor James Earle Jones of Osen Wells, who is probably better known than actor James Earle Jones.
Of course he's better.
More famous than David Pross, the man who walked around and waved his hands in a threatening way in VIDA's suit.
Jones's deep and unique voice makes it easy to become a cheesy science fiction --
Fi bad guys into the incarnation of urine-your-pants evil.
But the voice of Darth Vader is.
As we all know, Wells took his second
The greatest achievement-
The video is his greatest work.
Seriously, even with video of baby panda lips
Synchronize "Macarena" with scantily"
The woman in clothes, which is still the greatest thing on YouTube: Lucas even turned to wells, according to Jones, but he changed his mind because.
This could not have happened to Jones because he was out of work at the time.
It's hard to imagine what the wells version will look like, and to be exact, though it will almost certainly not have a lasting cultural impact on Jones's performance.
Look at what we know, Darth Vader is one of the greatest figures in film history, and from (
Wells's biggest voice character). . . isn't.
Oddly enough, Charles Foster's Citizen Kane and Darth Vader eventually had a similar biography.
Both children were taken away by mysterious strangers from their parents and promised to live a better life. both children became important children and left their beloved toys (
Rose sleigh and damn C3PO).
Leonardo DiCaprio, Paul Walker and (Maybe)
Christian Bell could have been an evil descendant of annagin stevaudas Vida, which should have been a poignant moment in film history.
Instead, we get the feeling that it's more of a high school work of a primary school student script, at least to blame the actor who plays the annagin Skywalker: the random kid and Hayden Kristensen, that's the one
Indeed, Chris Tenson was asked to read conversations that sounded like alien writing, trying to unravel what this mysterious human being is.
But think about it: what if that was the case with Anakin.
On one occasion, Leonardo DiCaprio was the number one competitor, but he withdrew from the game due to "other promises (
Meaning "the most likely film to give me an Oscar in two or three years ").
Lucas also considered two male principals.
If you don't think it's going to be an improvement, try to see any relationship --
From the y scene of that show, then the romance in full bloom, see which one makes you hate the concept of love. Late star (and )
Paul Walker also ran for the campaign, but who could buy that man as a flying pilot?
There are even rumors that this may bring some
The strength required for the role (
Crew members who are sensitive to their ears may feel unwell).
But no, none of these actors lit candles for future stars.
Kurt Russell and Christopher Walken are likely to perform solo roles in Han. . .
Or Freddy Kruger?
It's hard to separate Han Solo from Harrison Ford.
Exchange Chewbacca with the lady who plays Ally McBeal, who is almost the same person: a grumpy, adventurous pilot.
But Han Solo's ending is very different.
First, Ford was automatically excluded.
One of the cast auditions for this character is, but if you are now imagining the Snake Plissken with an explosive hand, remember that in your 70 s, former child star Russell was
That guy might be Han Solo: other auditions-goers (
Before he became Jabba's monkey
Lizard partners in real life)
There is also a young Christopher Walken who could have been killed by a commandos while stopping to pause between words.
I'm sure I'm a terrible person, Walken said later.
"Although it would be very intense if Han challenged Greece to the Russian roulette game.
But it's not the craziest either. be Solo.
Pun intended before he was finalized as a dead man
Future star Robert Enlund, an actor obsessed with child killers, auditioned for any character he met.
One of the characters happened to be a surfer for Francis Ford Coppola, but at 29/30 he was considered "too old ".
However, as Coppola and Lucas apparently had casting sessions like the key party, Coppola shared the actor with the neighboring auditions, and englendd finally tried
Harrison Ford may be known for wearing rubber masks and killing promiscuous teenagers, but at our level of existence, nglendd did not get the solo part. The reason? "Too young.
"But the contact with Englund is not over.
Like any working actor, he lets some casual young people sleep on the couch.
Six points.
Enlund happens to mention that the film also has a teenage hero character that he should pursue. Oh, and .
So while England did not find a job, he did leave his mark on the classic trilogy and put on damn pants to embody the greatest movie hero of the 20 th century.
1 Michael Jackson really wants to play Jar binks, and the fan community has reached a consensus that Jar Binks ruined our childhood and even ruined the glass container with jam, we have news to tell you: it's almost worse. Like, worse.
This information comes directly from the source: Jar itself.
Ahmed Best provides voice and motion capture work for Jar.
He promised that he was wearing a jar costume on the set, which either helped other actors get into the role or revealed to them that George Lucas was about to dump his legacy.
Best was recruited after the film, but he didn't know that he used to be the biggest superstar in the world.
While attending a concert with Lucas, Portman and Lucas's children in Michael Jackson, Best and the gang met the King of Pop backstage.
Lucas introduced Jackson to "Jar ".
"It seems like a strange thing to do, but keep in mind that this is someone who thinks the movie won't be a creepy shitshow.
After Jackson left awkwardly, he asked Lucas what was going on.
Lucas responded: Lucas is a jerk, in other words, he made Jackson feel like he didn't get the role he was dreaming. So there it is.
Michael Jackson wants to be Jar Binks
It never passed because Jackson was familiar with high school.
The sound is super.
Distracting, or because putting a jar in a prosthetic limb doesn't make everything in George's imaginary movie look like a real shell of frustration.
Thankfully, that means nine. year-
Old anatine was not forced to wear a creepy veil while going out in public.
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