4 soldiers arrested on suspicion of raping a female soldier - empty plastic drinking bottles

by:Koodee      2019-08-20
4 soldiers arrested on suspicion of raping a female soldier  -  empty plastic drinking bottles
Military police have arrested four soldiers suspected of raping a female soldier at a base on a regional brigade stationed in the West Bank over the weekend, apparently affected by alcohol.
On Monday, military prosecutors are expected to make a request to extend the arrest of four soldiers-both of whom said sexual contact was agreed by both parties, but preliminary evidence appears to suggest that this is not the case.
The base commander rushed into a room in the men's barracks and was shocked to find four undressed soldiers and a female soldier cooking at the base, who was also in a state of partial undressing.
Soldiers are reported to have been shouting and singing.
Several bottles of alcohol were recovered from the room.
The incident was immediately reported to the brigade's top commander and the military police.
Investigators who initially arrived at the scene had difficulty collecting testimony because the parties involved were still drunk.
When the effects of alcohol subsided, a soldier told investigators that he had drunk a small amount of alcohol with his friends and that everything that happened was agreed upon by both parties.
The female soldier initially said that she did not remember what had happened in the room, but later said that she had been raped by soldiers, adding that they had also committed violence. Nes Ben-
Natan, a lawyer representing the soldiers, said that while the incident was a moral failure of the soldiers, there had been no criminal offences since the female soldiers volunteered to come.
"There is room for disciplinary action, but there is no arrest," Ben said . "Natan.
A military source involved in the investigation said that the IDF took the matter very seriously: "It is very appropriate to investigate the incident thoroughly.
In fact, four soldiers were in a room with a female soldier while drinking and had any type of sexual intercourse-which was very serious.
The soldiers acted in violation of military etiquette, and if the female soldiers were indeed hurt-then the military police must be allowed to investigate and the military court will try them.
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