12 bad travel things which should be banned immediately - glass water serving bottle

by:Koodee      2019-08-27
12 bad travel things which should be banned immediately  -  glass water serving bottle
Finally, a little bit of common sense in a world overwhelmed by madness.
Milan have done what millions of adults around the world have dreamed of for years.
It has banned the use of selfie sticks in the city center.
Specifically, Italy's largest fashion capital has restricted "holding, carrying, leaving the ground, disposing or receiving glass bottles or containers, cans of any kind, "selfie stick" in the core area of the town ".
Fireworks and firecrackers are also prohibited (
It seems a bit dull at the height of the summer, but everyone has their own)
And it has been announced that these rules will continue until August 13, unless many tourists still act like stupid teenagers.
An authoritarian crackdown without any sense of humor?
Or a wise decision to make Milan happier?
Frankly, we don't think this is enough.
Therefore, the tongue is firmly stuck on the cheek, and here are some other things that we believe should be placed in the travel field of the abyss for the benefit of the whole.
No special order. . .
Yes, yes, Milan have done that and we have mentioned that in our introduction.
But this is a point worth repeating. The Earth is 4.
5 billion years old.
It went through thousands of years of ice age, and the rise and fall of dinosaurs, without a thin metal stick, people can connect their phones to it, take your own photos from a slightly different angle than simply holding the device in your hand.
Or, in fact, it's not in the air at all.
Charles Darwin did not take a picture of himself with the Galapagos sea turtle while he was studying AVIC.
Leonardo da Vinci didn't grab the Mona Lisa from the top and left, pou mouth, do garbage V-sign.
If you take a normal picture without risking the eyes of a hundred people, the world will not end
Through your small scalable product.
Frankly, when you use a selfie
We can all see the bald one you want to hide. Just. Stop.
OK, so the word "express" is not a comparative term in a strict sense, such as "faster" or "quicker ".
But it does mean extra speed.
Vitesse added a soupcon to justify the huge amount you charge to communicate my simple process from the city --
From the train station to the airport terminal.
If you're really faster than a swamp, that's fine.
Standard train service, or old metro lines, extends west from the suburbs.
If you're a swamp, that's not good.
Standard train service, there is no choice but to use you, you pretend that you are more fashionable and better than the average person, just because you apply the word "expression" to the side of the carriage.
Stansted, we're looking at you.
Let's immerse ourselves in some (very)
Amateur analysis here
When a plane touched the wheel on the tarmac, it was strange to have a cheerful applause.
It congratulated the pilot on completing his or her basic work.
It's like a taxi driver shouting cheers when he throws you on the side of the road
When the postman stuffed a pile of bills into the mailbox, or when the leaking faucet stopped dripping, he hugged the plumber in tears.
It also shows that expectations of how the flight should be carried out are low. "Wooh!
Reach your destination all the way to 747!
No crash!
This airline is amazing! ! " Demand more.
Can we stop fooling ourselves?
The free area of the airport is a wonderful paradise for cheap shopping and breath-taking bargains, and is graciously given to us by the God of retail?
How long will it take us to think that 49 bottles of vodka is a kind of theft, as it is clearly offered at a price "below the high price?
Which street?
Champs Elysees? Park Lane? La Croisette? Fifth Avenue?
Seriously, check out the wine aisle at your local supermarket.
The price of the same bottle of carbonated beverage will be less than the "last purchase opportunity" of the post-customs terminal (
You know, forgetful husbands desperately buy perfume places for their wife/girlfriend/mistress and they will claim they found it somewhere small on Via spispiga in Milan).
You don't have to spend five minutes trying to cram it into a locker on top of your head while half a plane --
A passenger is waiting for you.
Let's make this clear. A duty-
Free service for plane bumps in the middle
Air is not "boutique ".
You can find boutiques in the Marais district of Paris or Downtown Mayfair.
A metal trolley, whose hard edges seem to have been designed to jingle at any chance possible, is not a "boutique ".
Especially if it has nothing more fancy than a cute toy and the latest perfume with Katie Price's signature.
No, write "boutique" in a fancy script"
Flight magazine did not do that.
When we talk about things on the plane that sound so much better than they are, now a warm description of some of the food sold on the plane, in lieu of the proper dinner service, it can also be checked into a deep, dark pit.
This is not a "Handmade rocquefort and chevre bleu sandwich"dough".
This is a plastic-wrapped cheese salad about three days ago.
You will charge me 8. 99 for it. Or £13.
If I want to add a bag of chips and a bottle of water and have "super-meal".
Neither "super" nor "one meal ". What's this?
We will fly to Barcelona-"Girona airport "?
Sounds interesting.
Which one is it?
Oh, not even.
It is a runway in some areas quite far south of the latter, far from the former.
Why does the airline sell it like this?
What do I mean by Google Maps first?
How much is the taxi to the Holy House! ! ? ?
A bigger crime was committed on the plane, but before taking the plane, he slipped himself into his seat and fell asleep --
Off is the highest misdemeanor.
Yes, I'm sorry you don't have a window seat.
No, I won't exchange it;
You should have checked in earlier.
Yes, I really need the toilet.
No, why did I go or didn't go to the terminal, how much wine I drank in the air, it's none of your business --side bar.
Yes, you have to move.
No, I'm not going to turn around in front of you.
Yes, there will be an accident if you don't.
No, I can't guarantee it's the last time.
Yes, I will throttle you if you harass me again.
No, no court on this planet will find me guilty.
Look, the whole continent of Europe thinks we're a little weird because of the whole Brexit thing.
You're in southern Spain.
There is a cafe below with a variety of delicate pastries, pleasant cold
Cut meat and lots of good coffee.
Are you sure you want four sausages, three eggs and a bucket of bacon?
For a pity, there are 35 degrees outside.
This is an interesting guy who was short-lived in 1998, and he spent about 29 minutes with the wedding singer.
It has been like a desert of laughter since then.
2017 runs any of his movies on the plane.
More ruthlessly tortured a group of captured viewers. What's that?
They made a sequel to adults? Really?
Is the airline showing it? Five-year-
Play with their food and put it on a plate for the cold kids to go straight to bed with no stories or chocolates. Twenty-three-year-
People who do this get millions of fans on Instagram and have a wrong idea of their value.
This planet is sometimes a strange place. Holidaymakers.
Terrible People
Make a mess of the city, the beach, the airport, the National Park and recognized beautiful attractions, they joke, talk, smile, are interested in things and have a good time.
Let's ban them all. All of them. Immediately.
Venice was much better in the 13 th century when Marco Polo and cholera were the only ones.
Paris during the French Revolution was very good, and there was free entertainment on the Concorde Square every day.
Tourism is terrible, it destroys everything it touches.
Let's not go anywhere anymore.
Wait, that doesn't work, does it?
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