10 green kitchen construction materials - glass water bottle companies

by:Koodee      2019-07-22
10 green kitchen construction materials  -  glass water bottle companies
Some people think that once you use the glass, its life is over.
But this is not necessarily true.
Despite the high cost of recycling glass, some companies have found profitable uses for recycling glass waste, and the kitchen floor is just one of them.
Recycled glass floors are made of broken glass and are usually taken out of unused pieces in industrial sites or recycled glass bottles.
Some companies even add porcelain from broken bathtubs and sinks [
Source: EnviroGLAS].
The result is a colorful floor that looks like a colored floor. glass mosaic.
The best part is that it's completely green.
EnviroPLANK is a flooring product on the market made of 100% recycled glass and porcelain terrazzo tiles.
It can be installed in several different patterns and designs, the glass and porcelain are fully customizable [1 [
Source: EnviroGLAS].
Check with local kitchen and bathroom dealers to see if they have this floor or go directly to the company to see if you can order it online.
Be careful: These products may be expensive.
The EnviroPLANK starts at about $25 per square foot, which is the most basic option, and if you buy it online, you will also pay for additional installation, plus crates and shipping charges.
If you don't like glass, look at our next ecology. option: cork.
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